Monday, May 22, 2006

Marius de Zayas

Marius de Zayas and Francis Picabia, FEMME!

Karl Kempton shares some links with us:

Marius de Zayas, Agnes Meyer. Eye Contact: Modern American Portrait Drawings from the National Gallery, Nov 2005

Picabia. Between Music and the Machine: Francis Picabia and the End of Abstraction, fig 28 mathematical formulas. Nov 2005.

I really am not able to tell whether Zayas was trying to express something mathematically or not. I have seen an abundance of artists decorating their work with equations in order to express a math feeling or maybe add a cryptic quality to their works and that may be what Zayas is trying to do as well …These days the latter idea is a bit trivial however, the case with Zayas is probably one of the first times that equations are inscribed within visual work … (I wouldn’t put it past Hieronymus Bosch … but I don’t think he did it)

Thanks Karl for passing this on!

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