Monday, March 20, 2006

Scott Glassman on Verbogeometry

I wanted to share something that Scott Glassman wrote to me, which I find elegantly written. However, I don't want to appear pretentious and hope no one feels that my blog has advanced mathematics … all of what you find here, at this time, comes from the first and second semesters of algebra based physics. I am primarily an artist not a mathematician.

If there's anything verbogeometric / mathematical poetry can accomplish, at the very least, it can begin to help people understand that human qualities, spiritual qualities, operate in many dimensions-- they are the true conceptual equivalents (& metaphorical equivalents) of physical wonders, like say neutrinos. I see how the incorporation of these concepts with advanced mathematics begins to illustrate a depth and a myriad of functional "flourishes" (as say, experiences with music) that is closer to the truth. It begins to get at that "one hidden stuff" of which we are all made.

Scott Glassman

Thank you Scott for your kind words,

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