Friday, March 11, 2016

The Pedagogy of Moonlight

Here is a new 'proportional poem' titled "The Pedagogy of Moonlight" - the image is a photo shot in the very early morning moon light at an old abandoned schoolhouse in the Cedar Swamp area along the west bank of the Delaware river a few miles east of Townsend Delaware along route 9. (see if you can find it on Google street maps) There is a thunderstorm off in the distance and a breeze evident in the clouds. The muses whisper this mathematical poem to me and demand me to share it with you.
There are four ways to solve this equation with each variable or you can set it up in proportions where it will read:

 "Pining the Infinite" is to "Lost Mathematics" as "The Wind of Time" is to "Obscure Sorrow"
"Pining the Infinite" is to "The Wind of Time" as "Lost Mathematics" is to "Obscure Sorrow"

 Below is a detail of the equation:

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