Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Congenital Wisdom on view at the Joint Mathematics Conference in San Diego

Last August "Congenital Wisdom" was show at the Bridges show at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. It is a mathematical visual poem which incorporates a mathematical paradigm poem. The paradigm that I am using is Newtons equation for the law of gravity. In a paradigm poem we map concepts into the existing equation to create conceptual metaphors across the cognitive domains.

The piece points to the idea that the legendary events involving two different apples were both creative events. One being Newton's apple that he saw falling out of the tree and the other being the apple from the knowledge of good and evil. In the poem you will see that the force of creativity is acting on both apples. You will notice that the distance between the apples is described by mapping concepts across a five dimensional distance formula. The concept of negentropy is mapped to the gravitational constant in Newton's equation. I have gone into much detail to give you the tools to access this piece in a YouTube video that can be accessed here: Lecture on Congenital Wisdom

Currently this piece is on view at the Joint Mathematics conference in San Diego California through January 17

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