Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Blessing Of Rajneesh

 For Hyon Gak Sunim

Similar Triangles Poem done in January of 2021

What Is Wet?

 A meditation in similar triangles form

Summer of 2020

Pandemic Meditation Spring of 2020

 This piece is a similar triangles poem that was inspired by the stress experienced during the pandemic of 2020. In January of 2022, The Journal for Humanistic Mathematics will be publishing a paper that analyzes this piece using the language of cognitive linguistics. For the Rule 42 show I am including a link to the submission here: A Cognitive View Of Pandemic Meditation


The Caveat of Capitalism

This piece was done in the spring of 2020 and inspired by the politics of the day. It uses the similar triangles form.
In addition I spoke in detail about this piece published in Karie Ross's book, Artists, Art and Story. Purchase it here: clickhere


Shoebox Projects Call and Responce - Spring of 2020

 This work was a collaboration between myself and Coleman Griffith sponsored by Shoeboxprojects of Los Angeles California. The method we used was that Coleman provided me a photo and I manipulated it and provided a mathematical poem to accompany the new image.  I used the similar triangles form for all of the math poems.

The Heart Sutra in Similar Triangles

 This version executed in the spring of 2020


    This is a pencil drawing done around January of 2020. Inspired by the a story of the struggle of a young person who was born with both sets of genitalia and yet, was forced to grow up as a girl due to the person's mother cutting of the child's penis as a baby. When the person became around thirty years old they were confused due to being convinced that mom made a mistake and the person is really a man.
    When trying to understand this person from a distance one experiences this person as normal yet, the closer one gets to this person the more difficult it is to make out their identity. This is the same experience one gets from looking at the drawing show here. From a distance it looks fine -- even to the point that you can tell the person is wearing glasses. Yet, up close it is hard to tell it is a person at all.
The mathematical poetic form used is a "Similar Triangles Poem" and you can find tools to understand the mechanics of this form here:Similar Triangles Poems. In the vernacular, the poem can be read as "The Lost Soul is to a Cosmic Nursery as Being On An Ocean Raft is to Times Square. (NYC) or it can be read as The Lost Soul is to Being On An Ocean Raft as the Cosmic Nursery is to Times Square.


Poem for Niels Bohr

 I have been really behind on my blog and am trying to catch up. This piece is a similar triangles poem done in December of 2019

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