Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mock Paper Scissors

Quote from Mock Paper Scissors:
(Failed song-and-dance man turned cowboy icon, John Wayne X Beverly Hillbilly Jethro Bodine) Divided by top banana Bonzo and his presidential second billing, Ronald Reagan = Chimpy McStagger.
Quote from Mock Paper Scissors:
(Crazed psycho founder of the murderous Manson Clan, Charles Manson) + (Crazed founder of the follow-the-meteor Heaven’s Gate Death Cult, Marshall Applewhite) X (the Jonestown Cult’s favorite beverage) = Crazed founder of the 700 Club, and one-time GOP Presidential Candidate, Pat Robertson

The Australian Math poet Pioh has turned us on to some more wonderful stuff. Thank you Pioh!!

These are a perfect example of Math poetry in politics. Click here for the entire site http://www.mockpaperscissors.com – there are many more of these so please check it out. If you sit on the left you will find them extremely funny. If you sit on the right you may be disgusted. I am politically moderate however I am left of center so the two posted here are my favorites.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Bogus Science

Here is an Expanded Similar Triangle Poem in all six synonymous syntactical permutations from group six.

Marc-Anthony / Roland Barthes / Sherman Alexie

( Aberration + BonhomieNebulosity)/ Nebulosity = Xenobiotic http://piptalk.com/pip/Forum7/HTML/000787.html

Roland Barthes
Writing Degree Zero

Sherman Alexie
"Poetry = anger x imagination."

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