Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Sphere of Influence by Connie Tettenborn

Here is a Spherical (maybe elliptical) poem by Connie Tettenborn titled "The Sphere of Influence"

Connie Tettenborn Links

This page is to collect important links to the work of Connie Tettenborn.

As of Nov of 2011 Connie has a new webpage showing her work - you can access it here:

The following works by Connie were posted before she brought her webpage online - Enjoy!


The Derivation of Wisdom and The Integral Part of Idle Time

The Sphere of Influence

Knee Joint

Staying Centered

Parabola of Athletes

Blue Book Formulas

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two More by Connie Tettenborn

Here are a couple of new ones by the mathematical poet Connie Tettenborn. A differential poem and an integral poem - cool stuff

Intentions by Jean Kelley

I just received the following proportional poem by Jean Kelley

Andrew Topel

I recently received the following works by visual poet Andrew Topel

I recently received the following works by visual poet Andrew Topel

Monday, August 09, 2010

Top Math Blog Award

I am happy to present that not only were we presented a top poetry blog award (Third Place) -click here- we now have also been awarded a top math blog award -click here-
Thank you to all who have contributed!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mathematical Poets at the Bowery Poetry Club NYC

A couple of things of importance concerning the mathematical graffiti wall. The first being a new video of the wall produced by John Sims, the hippest voice in mathematical art – check it out below.

The second is some wonderful photos of the event that Geof Huth just released. (Thank you Geof!) – They can be seen below.

Here is John’s announcement of the event.

Here is a photo of John Sims introducing the event.

Here is Stephanie Strickland reading her response to the wall.

Here is Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino talking cubist poetry

Here is Bob Grumman reading his Poem’s Poem

Here I am talking about Similar Triangles Poems (Which is the type of Poem I put on the wall)

Here is Richard Kostelanetz after his talk about the history of his work.

Here is a group photo

Here is Geof making a contribution to the wall

Here is Geof and Bobs contribution

Here is JoAnne in front of the wall.

Here are some folks checking out the wall/

Here is a photo of the Kumbaya fest at Starbuck’s afterward. What a great time we had chatting about our common interests. (Left to Right) Geof Huth, Bob Grumman, JoAnne Growney, Arnold Skemer, Kaz Maslanka, Karen Orlin, and Richard Kostelanetz

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sarah Glaz's Definition

I asked the mathematician and co-editor of "Strange Attractors Poems of Love and Mathematics", Sarah Glaz for her definition of mathematical poetry and here is what she had to say:

Mathematical poetry is an umbrella term for poetry with a strong link to mathematics in either imagery, content, or structure. The mathematics involved in mathematical poetry does not have to be mathematically significant. Some poems I would call mathematical involve just arithmetic, or counting. How significant are those in the scheme the entire body of mathematical knowledge? Certain mathematical components do not make a poem mathematical, and this is expressed through the words "strong link to mathematics." For example, all formal poetry has a built in mathematical structure, but we would not call every sonnet, for example, a mathematical poem just because it has 14 lines. If the link to mathematics is in the poem's structure, there has to be something non standard, or unusual, about the use of mathematics in the poem's structure to make the poem a mathematical poem. I left, on purpose, the term "poetry" undefined because I want to include in this definition poems that have only mathematical symbols. Although my preference is for poetry that includes words, I would like the term mathematical poetry to embrace all poetic mathematical forms, even those that come to us from the depth of mathematical silence in symbol form.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Doug Pinkston's Today

Here is an orthogonal space poem by Doug Pinkston

Connie Tettenborn

Here is a new integration poem from Connie Tettenborn.

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