Friday, July 17, 2015

Towson Math Art Exibition

I am happy to be a part of this show at Towson University:

Newton's Third Law In Karmic Warfare

Detail of text

Detail part of mirror

Detail of eyes

We have all heard that what goes around comes around. In essence this is the contemporary western view of Karma. Yet, Karma has a long history in the east predicting that ones future events are influenced by one’s past events.

 Newtons third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ——— see any similarities? ——— The visual expression (above) titled “Newton’s third law in Karmic warfare” maps a karmic event into equal and opposite forces.
Here is a video lecture LINK that gives one all the tools to experience this poem.

 The following LINK will take you to my paper on paradigm poems that will go into more detail of this piece. Here is an excerpt from the paper that discusses this piece:

Newton’s Third Law in Karmic Warfare 
In the poem “Newtons Third Law In Karmic Warfare” (Fig. 1,2) we map two dynamic forces against each other that always remain equal. Karma is a spiritual phenomena that states that the current and future situation of a person is influenced by their actions of the past. So we are reminded of the vernacular version of Karma in the sense that “what goes around comes around”. I see Karma as the same archetypical concept as the conservation of momentum and energy. So in my expression we map the mass of the forces as egos. When we map our ego across the idea of mass we may get an idea of something that has inertia when moving or an entity that carries weight in certain situations. Some people are thought to have ‘massive egos’. We are also mapping the idea of acceleration across the idea removing or taking life — I am reminded that if I don't take care of my health I accelerate my own death. So acceleration is moving something through space and time. In physics it is a physical object however, in poetics It can be any object that makes sense to us. In this case we are objectifying life. So can I accelerate death in my enemies? What would be the mechanics of doing this? So can I view life as an object moving through time? These are questions that I would hope someone would ask themselves when looking at this poem. When looking at the visual metaphors in this piece one must notice that I am borrowing a mythological expression from Korean culture called a Karma Mirror. The creature stands upon a world of hellish judgment where we find upon its back a mirror that reflects our Karma back at us so that we may see it. I would hope you would ask what Kind of Karma has been created by the creation of nuclear weapons?

 The following section of this paper is a list of metaphorical mappings that I have perceived by analyzing the aesthetic work titled “Newton’s Third Law in Karmic Warfare” (Figs. 1,2) The metaphor mapping nomenclature of Lakoff and Nunez are used for this list.

 Metaphoric expression from Physics: The Equation from Physics that describes equivalent forces IS Observations of equivalent forces 

Poetic Metaphorical expressions: Mirror IS Conservation of Momentum and Energy; Mirror IS Equivalence; Karma IS Equivalence; Karma IS Mirror

 Mathematical Poetic metaphorical expresssions M1 or Mass (subscript 1) IS The Level Of My Self Righteousness; △v1 or The change in velocity (subscript 1) IS Me Taking Life From You; △t1 or The change in time (subscript 1) IS The Time It Takes For Me To Kill You; M2 or Mass (subscript 2) IS The Level Of Your Self Righteousness; △v2 or The change in velocity (subscript 2) IS Me Taking Life From You; △t2 or The change in time (subscript 2) IS The Time It Takes For You To Kill Me;

 Visual (image) Metaphors: Nuclear Proliferation IS Karmic Force; Karma IS Hell; Korean Karma Mirror IS a vehicle

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Here is a Orthogonal Space Poem titled "Winning"

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