Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mathematical Poets at the Bowery Poetry Club NYC

A couple of things of importance concerning the mathematical graffiti wall. The first being a new video of the wall produced by John Sims, the hippest voice in mathematical art – check it out below.

The second is some wonderful photos of the event that Geof Huth just released. (Thank you Geof!) – They can be seen below.

Here is John’s announcement of the event.

Here is a photo of John Sims introducing the event.

Here is Stephanie Strickland reading her response to the wall.

Here is Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino talking cubist poetry

Here is Bob Grumman reading his Poem’s Poem

Here I am talking about Similar Triangles Poems (Which is the type of Poem I put on the wall)

Here is Richard Kostelanetz after his talk about the history of his work.

Here is a group photo

Here is Geof making a contribution to the wall

Here is Geof and Bobs contribution

Here is JoAnne in front of the wall.

Here are some folks checking out the wall/

Here is a photo of the Kumbaya fest at Starbuck’s afterward. What a great time we had chatting about our common interests. (Left to Right) Geof Huth, Bob Grumman, JoAnne Growney, Arnold Skemer, Kaz Maslanka, Karen Orlin, and Richard Kostelanetz


Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino said...

Thank you, Geof. (And thank you, Kaz, for posting.)

JoAnne Growney said...

Yay! Six cheers for poetry-mathematics! And twenty-eight cheers for the poet-maths who create it.

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