Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rescuing Metaphor

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino has sent me a math poem that I would like to share with you.

to + to = too

This is a nice little poem that has three Important elements that strike me right off the bat:
1.) it plays on the words to and too … in other words we have too many to's
2.) is the clever addition of o's … o + o = oo
3.) the most important element of any mathematical poem is the equal sign.**

I really like the feeling in this piece … metaphor is so hard to describe without using another metaphor and if we do then we miss the point.

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** It is the equal sign that creates the metaphor in mathematical poetry. It is the fact that a poem of the latter form says a + b = c and we know that a + b IS NOT c

There exists a mathematical form that is the logical crux of all metaphors in all poetry mathematical or otherwise:
A = B
Given: We know for a fact that ‘A’ does not equal ‘B’

There is also one more key ingredient for metaphor to exist. That ingredient is connotative intention. In other words, the physics equation d = vt is not metaphorical because the intention of the equation is denotative.

‘A’ is similar to ‘B’ is not a metaphor
‘A’ is proportional to ‘B’ is not a metaphor
‘A’ looks like ‘B’ is not a metaphor
‘A’ is compared to ‘B’ is not a metaphor
Simile is not metaphor that is why they are different words

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Candy Minx said...

Thanks Kaz, nicely done! I really appreciate you joining in my fun. You know I love your blog to bits!!!


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