Friday, June 02, 2006

Polyaesthetic example

Boeing 747 Landing gear in the process of being manufactured

Walt Gillette of Everett, the lead engineer on the 787 program and a man Business Week recently called a "plane genius," announced his retirement from the Boeing Co. on Wednesday.

You may ask what does this event have to do with mathematical poetry? … Not much however, the following quote of his is a perfect example of polyaesthetics whereby aesthetics comes in many forms even in engineering and technology.

Walt Gillette says,
"One of the most incredible experiences is to go out ... and stand in the middle of full landing gear of a Boeing 747," he said. "To stand there, right there under that big, fat, huge machine, and you think this thing goes 625 miles an hour and a little-bitty human brain ... tells it exactly what to do and where to go, and it follows just like a docile family pet."

There are many forms of beauty in concepts and some say that if the concept is beautiful then it must be considered as a form of Art. I personally don’t find beauty and Art to be synonymous but I will admit that it is a nebulous concept and very difficult to nail down. Art for some reason seems to be a ‘catch all’ for anything anyone wants to call Art. I wish there was a better ‘catch all’ term other than Art. If you can think of one then I invite you to comment.

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