Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alligator Cubed

Climax 4 by Mirela Roznoveanu

Presently, Dan Waber has some interesting math-poetry related images on his Blog that I would like to draw to attention. There is an interesting series of works by Mirela Roznoveanu that I would like to note, have verbogeometric properties. Although the pieces are not explicitly mathematical (they do not show equations) they do show graphic ideas in space implicitly related to a Cartesian coordinate system.

Because they are so abstract they can have numerous contexts applied to them pointing to meanings just as numerous. The resultant aesthetic experience is a vector sum of all the contexts applied. Of course this is my personal take on this and I will certainly give you room to express your own viewpoint.

Alligator Cubed by Jeff Crouche

The other piece I want to point out is Jeff Crouche’s “Alligators cubed” This is a perfect example of visual mathematical poem. (a nice one at that)
and thanks to Marko Niemi for keeping me on my toes

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