Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bernar Venet in San Diego

Photo above Bernar Venet and Kaz Maslanka

When going back and re-reading the section about Bernar Venet in Ursula Meyer’s book on conceptual art, I was fascinated again from the statements that the young Venet made in 1971. He presented math and physics not as art but as knowledge. I remember reading this in 1978 and becoming excited yet confused by the idea that physics could be presented as art. Eventually I focused on what his statement explicitly said and I separated the aesthetics of Physics from the aesthetics of art. Even though Venet did not directly take these different disciplines to have different aesthetics I eventually read them as such and focused on separating them and then putting them together (polyaesthetics) in a single context. I also find it interesting that he calls his math equations poetry when I see them as pure math which seems to oppose his original statement from 1971. However, I can view them as some sort of a loose metaphor for poetry yet I do not find them inherently poetic. I hope to engage Mr. Venet to understand how he finds them poetry.
We are fortunate enough to have had the Scott White Gallery here in San Diego bring 13 pieces of Venet’s sculptures here to San Diego to be viewed for a year in certain urban locations of San Diego as well as along the waterfront of the bay.

The image below is a photo I shot of one of the sculptures.

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