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Robert C. Morgan's Response To Delineations

Robert C. Morgan is an international art critic who has written numerous books on art and aesthetics as well as published countless reviews on artist works for such publications as New York Arts, Artscribe, ARTnews, Art in America and many others. He has rewritten my 13 delineations and sent them to me. I have posted them below.

Response to Delineations by Kaz Maslanka (6-Jan. 2010)

Delineation #1:
Mathematical truths are discovered Artistic truths are mediated.
Artists generally agree on what is mathematically correct. Mathematicians generally have no idea what is artistically correct.
Art illuminates the supportive skeletal structure of thought whereas Math illuminates the metaphoric wind, which blows through that structure.
Art reveals the body of God and Science reveals God's mind -- or is it the converse?
Pure Mathematics has no expression for poetic metaphor however; it does provide us a structure that can be used for it.
In general, the artist is not interested in finding truths through nonsense (except for Dada) as opposed to the mathematician who is. Therefore, we have Dada math instead of an After math.
The goal of mathematics is to go beyond language. Art is a language to describe what is beyond us.
Mathematicians have an insouciant tendency to get lost in their imagination. Conceptual artists have an attentive tendency to map their imagination
Delineation #9
A artistic theory seems to come in a flash of intuition before the final product is rigorously constructed. An mathematical theory seems to come much after the artwork that has been constructed in a flash of intuition.

Delineation #10
Artistic creations are not unique in the sense that they could be discovered by anyone.
Artistic creations are uniquely invented by individuals.

Delineation #11
Art, among other things, is a language.
Art, among other things, uses language.
In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it’s the exact opposite. —Paul Dirac
Delineation #13
Art is the expression of culture.
Pure mathematics is independent of culture, and therefore, closer to what art strives to be.

Robert C. Morgan


Anonymous said...

Dear Kaz, with all due respect it would appear to me that Robert Morgan's tweaking of the delineations has not moved us any further down the track. I can still reverse most of statements i.e. put "art" where "mathematics" is and visa versa without any appreciable difference to the truth-saying weight of significance. I also note that as a conceptual artist Robert has tweaked some of the delineations in his own image eg No.8. Perhaps that is the point however i.e. we model the universe on "us" and our own art and mathematics also. Some delineations don't even have an interplay between art and mathematics i.e. have dropped the mathematics out altogether or else substitute "science" for "mathematics" or "culture" for "art" (and not necessarily in the same delineation) --- I find the whole exercise torturous, which may indicate another strategy should perhaps be adopted altogether (whatever that is). Perhaps we should seriously adopt the Pythagorean attitude or way i.e. that moment in history when poetry/mathematics/music/art were "one" or "united" (or as Badiou would have us "nothing") the underlining unity being "number" itself (or as Kaz may have it their interrelatedness-es) --- which still sounds healthier somehow. Trying to have the prestige of a Mathematician & that of the Artistic avant garde simultaneously to be neither a serious Mathematician nor a lowly Artist is no escape from the failings and strengths of either as far as I can see. There is however a case to be made to re-centre the mathematics-art vortex back to the underlining structure and chaos of the first avant garde: Realism.
Love + anarchy

Kaz Maslanka said...

Dear Pioh,
I have alot to say about this however, I am really taxed and have no time due to me getting ready for my show in NYC. I will come back to this after the middle of March 2010.
Thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

no probs!
love + anarchy

. . . said...

dear Kaz this is the kind of site i always wanted to find on the web. i imagine its beauty is of a kind that eludes response most of the time. just a quietness, a sense of pacification amidst richness. will visit again and again. radioshenyen

Kaz Maslanka said...

Dear Radioshenyen,
Thank you for reminding me where I need to be.

Kaz Maslanka said...

There is very little with these original statements on math and art that I agree with today - 3 years later

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