Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Analogue Sun, Digital Moon Opening Photos @LACDA July 13, 2019


Here are some shots of the opening at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. July 13, 2019
Show curator Jesse Russell Brooks and his daughter Maggie 

Show curator Jesse Russell Brooks and Oceanside Museum of Art curator Vallo Riberto

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art director Rex Bruce and Maria Turner

Writer/Gallery owner Mat Gleason and Artist Tiffany Trenda

Artist Tiffany Trenda

A visual poem by Bill Barminski

Artwork by Daniel Leighton

Daniel and Steve Leighton

Photographer Karen Turner

Artist Victor Acevedo

Artist/Gallery owner Toru Nakatani

Kaz Maslanka Lecture and Workshop @ The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 8-3-2019

Image from the film  THE LAST KNOWN PERSON (2019)  director. Pat van Boeckel poet. Ester Naomi Perquin | Image of Hans-Georg Henke photographed by John Florea.Kaz Maslanka Lecture and workshop on Mathematical Visual Poetry August 3, 1:00PM @ The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Check out the schedule for all speakers at this link

"Analogue Sun, Digital Moon" at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

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Kaz Maslanka @ 2nd Annual -- The Film and Video Poetry Symposium

I am really excited and honored to be a part of the second annual Film and Video Poetry Symposium - The symposium takes place in Los Angeles, New York City, and Moscow. Most of the Symposium will be centered around film, yet, there will also be a Visual Poetry show at the Los Angeles Center for digital art. I Have two pieces of my work in that show: "Newton Second Law in Karmic Warfare" and "Congenital Wisdom"

In addition, I will be giving a lecture and workshop on Mathematical Visual Poetry at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Downtown Los Angeles). The purpose is to provide tools to access mathematical visual poetry and methods to construct it - I will supply times for this soon. The opening for the upcoming show is July 13th so come on out if you are in Los Angeles.I will be sharing this event with some extremely talented people for which some will be presenting lectures at "The Little Theatre" in Santa Monica. So there will be a lot to experience. Check out what is happening here at this link

I will be showing: Newton's Third Law in "Karmic Warfare" and "Congenital Wisdom"

Monday, June 10, 2019

"Golden Fear - 2019" Showing at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art

I am happy to have Golden Fear showing in the group show @ The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art.

Golden Fear is a mathematical Visual Poem that incorporates the continued fraction describing the Golden Ratio. Furthermore, it metaphorically maps the concept of fear into the unit measure (Replaces 1 with Fear)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A work by Victor Valqui Vidal

Here is a piece by Victor Valqui Vidal

The following is a script of a chat Between Victor and Kaz had about this image:

Victor said:
One of my students added:
So two corollaries: 1) man equals his wife 2) man over his wife (or the other way around) equals one.

Kaz said:
These are great discussions. What happens when man divided by woman equals a variable? What would that variable be called? Please take that to your students - I would love to hear their response.

Victor said:
We agree on an equality level
The piece was influenced by:

Kaz said:
Man over his wife would equal one only if the value of the man is the same as the value of the woman - that works fine as a math poem, however, I think it is more interesting to leave it open. What happens when the value of the woman is more than the value of the man?

Or what happens when the value of the man is greater than the value of the woman? I would like to say that I like the poster you present here - your equation is a translation of the first statement - but a math translation for the second statement is also interesting: "Woman x man = The value of the marriage"

Victor said:
After sleeping on these questions, I like my first take on this the best.

Kaz said:
Thank you for submitting this Victor.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Basho Inspired Mathematical Poem included in the 2020 Calendar for the American Mathematical Society

I am truly honored to have the American Mathematical Society ask to use one of my mathematical poems for their 2020 Calendar. I was assigned April 23rd

to see the original blog post   click here

Friday, March 15, 2019

Kaz Maslanka in the "Prism" show --- Osaka Japan at The Contemporary Art Gallery

I am pleased to be a part of "Prism" a new show in Osaka Japan @ The Contemporary Art Gallery Zone. I will be showing a piece titled "10,000 Dharmas Return ..." A special thank you and shout out to the Venerable Hyon Gak Sunim who helped in retitling this piece. Also happy to have my Los Angeles buddy Brian Tucker in the show with me.

Not to forget a big thank you to Toru Nakatani for curating the show.

Below is "10,000 Dharmas Return"

Below is a show poster from the Prism show @ The Contemporary Art Gallery in Osaka

Unit Circle Words by Lawrence Mark Lesser

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Karl Kemptons New Book "A History of Visual Text"

The authority of visual poetics, Karl Kempton lays it all down for you. I am happy to share with everyone 6 years in the making ...

Click Here to download: A History of Visual Text by Karl Kempton

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Kaz Maslanka at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

I will be showing "The Graveyard of Empires

If you are in Los Angeles - see ya at the opening. February 16th 6:00PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Graveyard of Empires

This is a proportional poem that can be read many ways including the following: "The value of Afghanistan is to the value of Hope as the value of The Graveyard is to the value of an Empire.

The piece was inspired by an Afghanistan general who said that his country is the graveyard of empires.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Kaz Maslanka to Show Again at LACDA

I am happy to be part of another show at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.
I will be showing "What is the Radius of Your Compassion"

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