Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Video - Tools for El Puente Del Corazón


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I recently created a video to be presented in the mathematical poetry session at the "Bridges Conference" on mathematical connections in art music and science. The conference took place in Halifax Nova Scotia at the end of July, 2023. The video provides tools to access the mathematical visual poem titled "El Puente Del Corazón".   I had already created a blog post for this piece when it was displayed at "ARTS" (a reason to survive) gallery in National City California. I will not repeat all of that post but I want to reiterate the important part. 

Here is a quote from Sam Harris:

In the Prajna Paramita Sutra (Heart Sutra) it is written that form is emptiness and emptiness is form. Form is not other than emptiness and emptiness is not other than form. Emptiness in this context, refers to what experience is like prior to conceptualization. Everything is simply appearing and at the level of experience everything is inseparable from consciousness itself - or what ever you want to call this condition of appearance. So there are no things, really - there is just this display of appearances. And consciousness is not one thing either - nor is it many - it is merely open and without definition and yet it allows for everything to appear without impediment. It’s no mere vacancy. Rather it is vividly aware of itself - as itself. Ceasing to overlook this condition where ever you are whatever is apparently happening - is meditation.

Within the imagery of the work a circular shaped 'Il won sang', (enso) Zen Buddhist symbol of emptiness, appears as the Mayan creator God reaches for it. A quote from the Popol Vuh follows 

(English Translation):

Now it still ripples
Now it still ripples
Now it still murmurs
It still sighs
Still hums
And it is empty under the sky

Here is the original mathematical visual poem:


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