Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Joint Mathematics Meeting Report

American Mathematical Society

I just returned from the Joint conference on Mathematics in San Antonio and was extremely pleased with the Art Show. Many of the ‘Bridges’ mathartists participated in the show and some attended the conference. Here is a picture of my good friend Reza Sarhangi the nucleus of the Bridges conference (left) standing with Slavik Jablan an extremely important and interesting figure in the Mathart movements in Europe.

Here is a picture of my friend Paul Hildebrandt (left) and Ivars Peterson dining on good Mexican food. Paul is the president of Zometools and Ivars is extremely important figure in the proliferation of fun filled mathematical ideas and is the creator of “Math Trek” for Science News.

Here is a snapshot of Robert Fathauer standing next to his mathart. Robert is president of Tessellations company and he also is involved in the curation of many mathart shows.

Here is a snapshot of Francisco Lara-Dammer with his beautiful Cayley diagrams

Here is a snapshot of Gwen Fisher who does amazing mathematical beadwork.

Here is a snapshot of Anne Burns and her beautiful mathematical landscape

My apology to to Bradford Hansen-Smith for missing the opportunity to shoot his picture (he also attended the conference)

Remember the Alamo!

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