Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why I Don't Want To Teach (Math Joke#1)

Here is a math joke sent to me by Aerospace engineers Paul Mossel and Keith Rowley on the subject of why I don’t want to teach.


Candy Minx said...

Hee hee, I actually get that one!

did I ever tell you I was terrible in math. I am unofficially studying math...but don't tell anyone. I was horrible student when I was young except at things I felt like being good at, what an attitude huh?

Just stopping by to say and enjoy your musings etc...

Kaz Maslanka said...

Thanks again Candy! ... I may add that I did poorly in math when I was young ... I had a change in attitude when I was finishing my BFA in Sculpture and then became interested in math and physics … my take is that its all about attitude!

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