Monday, May 07, 2007

A Mathematical Love Poem By H. K. Norla

I would like to give recognition to a wonderful mathematical love poem. I found the poem the other day on an abandoned blog by a young man named H K Norla. I tried to contact him but am not able to find an email address for him. His poem titled “Of X’s and Y’s” can be found on his blog here as well as my repost below.

I found his wonderful poem to be a great example of mathematical poetry with a new twist that I haven’t seen before. In between the pure math symbols he has made verbal statements that relate and segue to the adjacent equations. JoAnne Growney and Sarah Glaz are edition a book on mathematical love poems and I wish Mr. Norla was around to submit this piece to the book. (It may be too late anyway however, this is a wonderful poem)

The following is my visualization of Mr. Norla’s poem


Anonymous said...

Wow that's pretty neat! I never thought of maths like that. Thanks for sharing!

Kaz Maslanka said...

I really appreciate you stopping by.


Anonymous said...

are u kidding me
this is ridiculous
its soo corny and cheesy that it makes no sense at all
get a life
and learn 1+1=2
u are who
who are u
bla bla bla

Kaz Maslanka said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
It is interesting that you chose this blog entry to vent your frustration. This blog entry is the most popular entry on the entire blog.
Thanks for dropping by

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