Sunday, June 24, 2007

Two Emblem Poems From Thierry Brunet

I just received two images from Thierry Brunet and would like to discuss them. Both of these images I would consider emblem poems with a mathematical emphasis. Thierry has made some interesting connections in these poems. The first one I wish to point out is in his piece titled "HeXaedron". A Hexahedron is commonly known as a cube as well as being a regular polyhedral. Thierry asks “how many platonic solids do we need to dream TOMORROW? The answer depends on many things but my first thought is the question of what dimensions are we limited to? There are 5 platonic solids in the third dimension 6 in the fourth dimension and 3 in every dimension above the fifth. So if we include all dimensions we have an infinite choice. However, he is pointing at time by mentioning the PRESENT as well as TOMORROW so this also makes me entertain the idea of relativity.

Another thing I find interesting is the statement “Don’t forget the empirical BEAUTY of experience. Thierry now connects by capital letters time with beauty however, more important to me is the idea of an aesthetic of beauty tied directly to logic through an empirical process. Some artists would argue that beauty cannot be expressed with a logical statement. I feel they should be nauseous from eating only the icing and none of the cake.

The second piece is titled “mouTH THeory” I like this piece as well because I find my reality can be seen in terms of topology and beliefs are the forces that distort that topology. And here we have a lady whose scream swallows it.

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