Monday, August 13, 2007

Electronic Paradigm Poems by Pablo Kagioglu

I just received an email from Pablo Kagioglu who has been doing some very interesting experimentation with ‘electronic paradigm poems’. The following is an excerpt from his email, which I would like to share. Over the next few days, I will post some of Pablo’s ‘electronic paradigm poems’ which will refer back to this blog post. In all actuality one could make hundreds of ‘electronic paradigm poems’ from the lists that Pablo has provided us with. Thanks Pablo!

"The formula I am using is Ohm’s Law and mainly its relationship to power and potential, not so much the concept of resistance and flow (which to me are acting more like the glue to the whole thing)

Ohm’s Law

I = V/R


Power = voltage multiplied by current
P = V*I

P = (V*V)/R
P = R * (I*I)

V = P/I

So I just found synonyms of the different variables, sometimes a couple of layers deep, and just started playing with the word combinations and formulas to see what “stuck to the wall” so to say.

“Resistance and Current are acting as opposing ideas”

R = Resistance: opposition, blocking, defiance, protecting, refusal, struggle, antagonism, animosity, antipathy, hatred, hostility, rancor, rivalry, avoidance, abstention, prevention, recession, recoil, restraint, retreat, interruption, indecision, delay, hindrance, procrastination.

I = Current: flow, effusion, emanation, flood, flux, gush, juice, plenty, plethora, river, stream, tide, appear, begin, commence, crop up, derive, emanate, emerge, ensue, follow, happen, head, issue, occur, originate, proceed, result, rise, set in, spring, start, stem, creation

“Power is the realization of the Voltage”

V = Voltage: potential, energy, conceivable, imaginable, doable, plausible, possible, quiescent, thinkable, ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, vitality

P = Power: dynamism, effectiveness, faculty, function, influence, skill, force, locomotion, motility, propulsion, authority, will, decision, longing, passion, pleasure, purpose, resolve, yearning, love, adoration, affection, ardor, desire, excitement, lust.

The word equations (concepts) seem to work better and make more sense to me when defined in terms of Power and Voltage rather than Current and Resistance."
I will be posting the poems in the next few days -- K

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