Monday, September 03, 2007

Mathematically Defined Phantom Words

The mathematical structure that we use when making similar triangles poems provides an interesting result when used in conjunction with the creation of verbogeometric prisms. It appears that we can mathematically define a point in a verbogeometric space whereby we know the meaning of the word in that location however; there is no word in the dictionary for it. It seems to be some kind of phantom word that exists by a set of rules however, no spelling for it.
Let us look at the image above. We can see the points X1 and X2 in the image and notice there are no words in the dictionary to cover their meanings however, we know that it is a direct negation of the words sterile and Barren. These words could be described as "unsterile" and "unbarren" however it may be more fun to flavor them poetically as shown in the examples below.

Alternatively, even more fun … we can really emphasize the flavoring of X1 by using the expanded similar triangles form and including all of the antonyms and synonyms.


Anonymous said...

That is a very Interesting word diagram:

The missing words (X1, X2) are so closely related to Fertile and Infertile that we could almost consider them as extensions of those words rather than separate concepts... Yet, they occupy their own space in our language

A possible opposite for Sterile could be: Septic

A possible opposites for Barren could be: Alive

All and all that is a really cool metaphor or analogy, the use of "the facets of a crystal structure" to relate words together...


Kaz Maslanka said...

Thanks Pablo! I will address this coment later on the blog ... I appreciate you dropping by!


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