Sunday, October 07, 2007

Congruent Apology

One of the best aspects of the internet as well as the worst (most embarrassing) is the fact that if you make a mistake it is permanent and you cannot go back and erase it. I have discovered an error in my mathematical terminology and need to correct it. What I have been calling "congruent triangles" are not congruent triangles they are “similar triangles.” "Congruent triangles" are referring to two triangles that are the same size. Similar triangles have the same shape but different sizes. Obviously, my memory is not good as it needs to be. If conveying this error has caused any embarrassment to anyone one, I am sorry.


The good thing is that it does not affect the meaning, mechanics or the importance of this poetic form. However, I must clean up the mess and continue. What you have known to be the "Congruent Triangles Poem" is now correctly re-identified as a "Similar Triangles Poem". Furthermore, if you notice a mistake on my blog or website please challenge it. I appreciate all help.

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