Sunday, December 09, 2007

Slavik Jablan At The AMS Show in San Diego - January

Graphical work based on links and interlaced structures.

The next few days I am going to diverge from mathematical poetry and display some of the visual mathematics work done by many talented people who have their work admitted to the American Mathematical Society mathart show coming up in January. The beautiful piece below is done by Slavik Jablan

Graphical work based on links and interlaced structures.Slavik Jablan, Professor of Mathematics, The Mathematical Institute, Belgrade, Serbia.
Mathartist Statement:
"For many years I used almost all painting techniques (oil, watercolor...), painting in a color-expressionist manner. Later I transferred to computer graphic and mathematical art, trying to preserve the individuality and originality of math-art works, so my math-art works are not computer-generated. In fact, I am using a computer only as a tool for producing artworks."

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