Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dusk by Karl Kempton

The following four images comprise a new minimalist visual poem by Karl Kempton. It could easily be said that each slide is a separate poem as well. I would like to draw our attention to the first slide which certainly can be viewed as mathematical poem in its own right. What is signature in this first slide (poem) is Karl’s use of text (there is no image as a rendering, there is just text, yet the images come through). It has a lot of the same simple and elegant features that remind me of Marton Koppany’s work.
The other three slides add an artistic breadth to the original idea in the first slide. It’s a very nice piece Karl! Thanks!


anandi said...

hi kaz,
yes, I like it too.
but in all the other three pictures, I am curious about the second one in which there is a repetition of the outer picture.

Also, I have another question. In the logo of your blog, you have the equation of the circle. But, I want to know the meaning of the letters which are behind the circle.


Kaz Maslanka said...

Hi Anand,

Thanks for the catch on dusk ... it is now corrected.

The Chinese letters in the logo say "Beginner's Mind" --- You may want to Google it.

The circle is:
Enso in Japanese
Ilwonsang in Korean

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