Friday, May 29, 2009

Bridges 2009 Mathart show in Banff, Alberta

Here is a link showing all the great math art that will be part of this year’s Bridges Conference, “Mathematical connections in Art, Music and Science” The beautiful image I chose for this blog entry is Anita Chowdry’s “Illuminated Julia Dragon”.


Lion-ess said...

My poems are based on physics
Here is a sample... a poem about nature and the search to know its characteristics
Nature’s Covertness

Kaz Maslanka said...

Hi Lion-ess,
I think you are on the right path, asking the right questions and your heart is in the right place. -- You like books -- try "Where mathematics comes from" by George Lakoff and Rafael E. Nunez -- I think you will find it quite subversive to what you have been told in the past.


anandi said...

Hi Kaz,

Those are lovely. I wish I could be there but may be next time.

I would love to see the topics of papers by different people.

Kaz Maslanka said...

Hi Anand,
I am sure you could order the proceedings from:



Unknown said...

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Kaz Maslanka said...

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