Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting Karl Kempton

I met the visual poet Karl Kempton face to face for the first time last weekend (he is on the right). My wife and I experienced a wonderful dinner/picnic with Karl and his wife on the shore of Pismo beach. He gave me a stack of his books and publications to read. It was a grand meeting however; it went by way too fast. Here is a shot (above) of Karl and I located in the beautiful garden designed by Ruth Kempton.
Here is a link to one of my favorite essays of his.


anandi said...

Really exciting. I'm glad to see that you both met and it would have been a real good experience for both of you. Sorry for being late at this post. I haven't been to the blogger world since long time. :-)

Kaz Maslanka said...

Yes it was a great time Anand. Thanks!

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