Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A work by Victor Valqui Vidal

Here is a piece by Victor Valqui Vidal

The following is a script of a chat Between Victor and Kaz had about this image:

Victor said:
One of my students added:
So two corollaries: 1) man equals his wife 2) man over his wife (or the other way around) equals one.

Kaz said:
These are great discussions. What happens when man divided by woman equals a variable? What would that variable be called? Please take that to your students - I would love to hear their response.

Victor said:
We agree on an equality level

Kaz said:
Man over his wife would equal one only if the value of the man is the same as the value of the woman - that works fine as a math poem, however, I think it is more interesting to leave it open. What happens when the value of the woman is more than the value of the man?

Or what happens when the value of the man is greater than the value of the woman? I would like to say that I like the poster you present here - your equation is a translation of the first statement - but a math translation for the second statement is also interesting: "Woman x man = The value of the marriage"

Victor said:
After sleeping on these questions, I like my first take on this the best.

Kaz said:
Thank you for submitting this Victor.

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