Wednesday, October 06, 2021

The Dificulty In Bridging The Genres of Mathematics and Poetry

           The creative process is one of bridging concepts together to create an expression. I have always wondered if I was indeed bridging mathematics and poetry. So, I put a poll together on this blog to equerry the readers and find out what end of the spectrum they reside. It turned out that the blog consistently had a 50% split between both mathematics and poetry. I felt lucky to have landed in this spot yet, being in the cracks of genres is never a popular place to be. That said I feel confident that bridging is extremely worthwhile. Creativity is always spawned in the cracks of genres. 

I would like to share evidence of bridging this gap. On one hand I had a poem published in the calendar for the American Mathematical Society 

and on the other hand I had one of my mathematical poems nominated for a pushcart prize in poetry.

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