Monday, April 24, 2006

The mathematical poetry blog links page for Marko Niemi

Marko Niemi's Mathematical Visual Poetry:

Midwinter nights dream

The link above is my personal favorite of his and you can read my little essay about it click here

Fibonacci visual poem

The following is a Finnish visual poem based on the Sierpinski triangle


Brownian motion series

"Eloquent Fern"

The following statement is Marko's preface for the "Eloquent Fern"

The "text" in this piece is the following paragraph from "Rhetoric" by Aristotle, "translated" into four-letter DNA code: (It is clear, then, that rhetoric is not bound up with a single definite class of subjects, but is as universal as dialectic; it is clear, also, that it is useful. It is clear, further, that its function is not simply to succeed in persuading, but rather to discover the means of coming as near such success as the circumstances of each particular case allow. In this it resembles all other arts.)

Narcissus The series consists of six pieces, and in each piece, locations of individual letters are defined by the same polar coordinate function:RADIUS = A * cos(0.5 * ANGLE), where A is constant, and ANGLE goes from 0 to 720.The direction of each letter is independent from its location, but it's a function of ANGLE, too. This direction function is different in each piece, and it's the reason why pieces differ from each other, even though they all use the same location function.

Animated mathematical/scientific visual poems:
Critical Mass
Divine Intervention
Eye of the beholder
Party NRJ


Candy Minx said...

Love this stuff, so glad you are out here doing this...

Hope you are having lots of fun.


Kaz Maslanka said...

Thanks Candy!

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