Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Venerate Your Experience – Not This

Today’s Blog entry is a bit different due to most of my polyaesthetic pieces are printed at 24” X 36” maximum size and this one is 108” X 108”. Generally I print a lambda Duratran to be displayed in an easily manageable Light-box however today’s piece one will require one huge box.
The first image shows the piece in full. There is nothing wrong with your monitor the piece is totally white light with the exception of a piece of imperceptible text that if properly displayed would be 1 inch high and 2.5 inches long. The second image visibly shows the text which lies at the center of the field.
“Venerate Your Experience – Not This” is the title of this poem. The poem is a similar triangles poem that has been transposed into a different identity … Why don’t you see if you can put it back into the similar triangles poem form as well transposing it into other synonymous syntactical forms.


Anonymous said...

one not one = form squared divided by emptiness squared


Kaz Maslanka said...

Ok Mr. Kempton have it your way :)

It works fine for me as long as I don't exist. :)

Anonymous said...


or as basho poem said,



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